Hippocampal Asymmetry (Epilepsy)

NeuroQuant® Talking to your Doctor about Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE)

Preparing for a doctor’s visit helps you to get the best care possible for you or your loved one. Below you will find some information about temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), including some helpful information on discussing NeuroQuant with your physician.

Physicians use several evaluation tools to support a diagnosis of TLE. The first is an electroencephalogram (EEG). The EEG identifies abnormal electrical activity in the brain, which forms the basis of a seizure diagnosis. In addition, having a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of your brain is a critical part of the diagnostic work up. The NeuroQuant analysis is part of a physician prescribed MRI procedure.

NeuroQuant is a FDA cleared device that helps physicians detect and measure potential size differences in right and left hemisphere brain structures. Physicians use NeuroQuant to assist with the clinical evaluation of TLE, which is often associated with shrinkage to a specific brain structure called the hippocampus.

NeuroQuant uses the images from the MRI scan to measure the volume of the right and left hippocampi and also calculates a size difference (i.e., an asymmetry score) between these structures. A NeuroQuant report (see sample below) is then sent directly to your physician.

Discussing the Benefits of NeuroQuant with Your Physician

• NeuroQuant can help physicians evaluate if there is volume change of certain brain structures (atrophy of the hippocampi and asymmetry between the right and left sides, which are commonly seen in TLE), even in mild forms

• In patients with TLE, NeuroQuant may be used to identify on which side the hippocampus is smaller, which may indicate the side producing the seizures. Using MRI with other diagnostic procedures (i.e„ EEG) can increase a physician’s confidence of a diagnosis of TLE, which can help to guide treatment decisions.

NeuroQuant Hippocampal Volume Asymmetry Report in TLE Benefits Physicians, Patients and Caregivers

• Provides a robust indicator of hippocarnpal atrophy, which may provide clues as to the source of the seizure
• Helps physicians explore and evaluate various treatment options
• Patients and caregivers are able to play an active role in disease management and make informed decisions

The Hippocampal Volume Asymmetry Report provides:

•Colored brain images captured from MRI

• Detailed measurements of the left and right hippocampus, and the asymmetry between them, which is important in the assessment of TLE



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