Triage Brain Atrophy (TBI)

NeuroQuant®: Talking to your Doctor about Traumatic Brain Injury

Preparing for a doctor’s visit helps you to get the best care possible for you or your loved one. Below you will find some information about traumatic brain injury (TBI), including some helpful information on discussing NeuroQuant with your physician.

NeuroQuant is a FDA cleared software that helps physicians detect and measure changes in brain anatomy. Physicians use NeuroQuant when making clinical assessments of TBI, which can cause changes in brain anatomy due to damage to the brain structures (e.g. shrinkage (atrophy) or swelling (edema)) caused by the traumatic event.

Physicians use several evaluation tools to make an accurate assessment of neurological complaints in traumatic brain injury patients. One option is having a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of your brain taken. The NeuroQuant analysis is part of a physician prescribed MRI procedure.

Discussing the Benefits of NeuroQuant with Your Physician

NeuroQuant can help physicians evaluate certain brain structures are outside the 95-5 normative percentile compared to age and gender

  • Color coding can quickly indicate potential atrophy or edema of 44 brain structures
  • In both mild and severe TBI cases, NeuroQuant can be used to identify which brain structures are injured, so that proper treatment can be recommended
  • The NeuroQuant Triage Brain Atrophy report can be used for patients as young as 3 years of age

Brain Structure Volume Measurements in TBI Benefits Physicians, Patients and Caregivers

  • Provides an indicator of which structures are affected for improved rehabilitation treatment
  • Aids physicians in making their clinical assessment in patients
  • Provides additional insight into brain volume changes -swelling to atrophy progression from initial injury
  • Patients and caregivers are able to play an active role in recovery and make informed decisions

The Triage Brain Atrophy Report provides:

  • Colored brain images captured from MRI
  • 44 left and right side and total brain structures for aid in assessment of brain structures outside the normative range



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